WISIKYER Whiskey Glasses Set – Twirl! Turn! Swirl! 9 oz Rotating ​Rocks Glass in Luxury Box Old-Fashioned Glass Give Dad/Husband/Father Unique ​Whisky Gift

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wisikyer glasses kitwisikyer glasses kit


WISIKYER inherits a century of classic craftsmanship and strictly follows modern production standards. It took three years to fine creating the first rotating wine-set of let wine breathe freely.

The Rotating Glasses was born in glass-blowing capital with a century history – Qi County, CHN. It has the china’s largest manual blown glassware production and export base and hand-painted processing production base.

WISIKYER certificate of authorizationWISIKYER certificate of authorization

rotating spirits glassrotating spirits glass

pirouette rum glassespirouette rum glasses

✨A New Twist for Enjoying Whiskey✨ The shape of the WISIKYER novelty Glass Cups is so classical, and the bulge at the bottom makes it twirling smoothly. As a result of this, it isn’t like the traditional “Tumbler Glasses” anymore, which is wobbly so that it always wastes the wine of the glass. Seriously, you need a whole set of these novelty unique spinning drinking glasses!
✨Aerating Your Favorite Spirits✨ Looking for a high-quality Single Malt Glass Mugs to enhance your favorite Spirits? A simple turn of this 9 oz rotatable whisky glass draws make liquor becoming swirl. It helps to aerate your whiskey or spirits and give you a wonderful drinking experience by unlocking flavors and aromas!
✨Light Elf at Your Control✨ The unique lines and Premium clear glass is a fantastic way to highlight the amber hues of your drink. the whiskey that is translucent under the light becomes full of vitality, like flowing gems and dazzling. Lift it! Rotating ​slowly and nosing the actual whiskey, you’ll enjoy the relaxing leisure time to the full!
✨Feel Sophisticated with Every Sip✨ Proper scotch glasses are an important part of any home whiskey bar ware collection. This weighted rocks glass is unlike any other you’ve seen before, it’s made of lead-free glass by a craft which have been passed down for centuries and modern production standards, thence transparency comparable to crystal. The elegant tipsy ​makes it look like a piece of art making your drink experience more enjoyable!
✨Talk About An Upgrade✨ Sure, you can stock your home bar and kitchen with basic glassware from any old department store, but that’s so boring. Why not upgrade your home with these amazingly unique drinking glasses? This glass in luxury gift box will be one of the most unique gifts in any scotch drinker’s glassware cabinet, $59.88, $59.88



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