Whiskey Master Class: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and More

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Over the past three decades, Lew Bryson has been one of the most influential voices in whiskey. In Whiskey Master Class, Lew shares everything he’s learned on his journey through the worlds of bourbon, Scotch, rye, Japanese whiskey, and more (yes, there are tasty Canadian and Irish whiskeys!). In this book, you’ll find:

An overview of the different types of whiskeys, including the rules and identities of each. He also includes information on craft whiskeys, which tend to be more creative and freewheeling than the styles made by traditional producers.Exploration of the key whiskey ingredients, with a close look at the flavor contributions of malt, peat, corn, rye, wheat-even water matters.Distillation for non-distillers and the beauty of barrels: Whiskey is both an art and a science, and what’s in the glass is affected by things like pot stills vs. column stills, barrel char, and of course, time. Numerous interviews with master distillers, still makers, and other artisans at the top of their field.Tasting notes throughout so you can identify the whiskeys you might want to try next.

You’ll want to do the homework with whiskey as the subject!

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