Waterford Times Square Wonder Ruby Flute Pair

41MhB+GGPAL. AC21kdG8Jg1HL. AC, buynow3,Each year at December 31st. at New York’s Times Square, the ball drop signals the beginning of the New Year! The Times Square ball is made of Waterford Crystal panels. Each panel features a wish for humanity. Each year the new sentiment is added with new panels added to the famous ball. The sentiment for 2016 is the “The Gift of Wonder”, which represents mankind’s fascination with the unknown and unexplored.The Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Greatest Gifts Collection is a distinctive 10 Year issue of ornaments, toasting flutes and collectibles. Beginning with the Gift of Imagination, in 2014 and concluding in 2023 with the Gift of Love, each annual edition of the Greatest Gifts series will depict a gift a theme of global aspiration whose value is universally treasured. , $449.99, $449.99



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