Trademark Fine Art GN0042-C1824GG St. James’ Gate Porter Guinness Brewery, 18×24-Inch, 18 in x 24 in

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This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features an old sign with photos of a factory that reads “St. James’s gate Porter brewery Dublin” and “Guinness & Co.’s stout”. Guinness is an Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness (1725I1/21803) at St. Jamei1/2s gate, Dublin. Guinness is one of the most successful Beer brands worldwide. It is brewed in almost 60 countries and is available in over 120. Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. The attainable excellence that giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original piece. The result is wide acceptance of giclee by galleries, museums, and private collectors. Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist’s canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides and is secured a hidden, wooden frame. This method of stretching and preparing a canvas allows for a frameless presentation of the finished painting.
Artist: Guinness Brewery
Subject: food & beverage
Style: vintage Advertisement
Product Type: Gallery-Wrapped canvas art
Made in USA
List Price: $36.48
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