Set of 2 Celtic Triquetra cookie cutters (Designs: Celtic Heart and Triquetra), 2 pieces – Bakerlogy

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Celtic Heart cookie cutter Size: 8 cm by 7.2 cm (3.14 inches by 2.83 inches)
Celtic Triquetra cookie cutter Size: 8 cm by 7.5 cm (3.14 inches by 2.95 inches)
3D printed. Compatible with Dishwasher.
Suitable for Cookie dough, Fondant, Craft Clay, Biscuit dough, Sugarcraft.
Suitable for 5mm dough thickness (1/5 inches). For easy release of dough, remember to coat the cutter with icing sugar/ flour before cutting. Use non-raising dough recipe to get the best looking cookie!
List Price: $20.56

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