Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden Ukelele Kit with Free Online Lessons, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Aquila Strings Set, Small Starter Hawaiian Guitar Instrument Bundle, Ukalalee

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Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Instrument KitConcert Ukulele Ranch 23 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Instrument Kit

Ranch Ukulele 21”/23”/26”

Soprano/Concert/Tenor Ukulele Kit

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Ranch is committed to let people enjoy the beauty of music. We create a variety of high-quality, affordable musical instruments and accessories, so that everyone of different ages can have the fun of playing music. In the future, we will continue to research and develop efficiently and provide better products and services. We hope Ranch can be accompanied with your friends or family during music journey.

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★ A Crafted Artwork – Ranch amazing 23″ Concert Ukelele combines the elegant Sapele wood for the smooth and polished body & mahogany neck. An acoustic instrument body fashioned from Sapele exhibits a pleasingly warmer and deeper tone than laminate wood. The lightweight & well built features allow you to create warm and pitch-perfect Hawaiian ukeles harmonies
★ Easy to Play – With 12 Free Video Online Lessons, easy to follow. This Ranch Concert ukuleles 23 inch size is better than soprano ukes, only 3 inches bigger but with better sound and wider spaced frets which are better for adults, novices, intermediate player or professionals who starts to practice on. This ukele pack is your best choice! Also an awesome gift for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, graduation etc.
★ Easy to Tune – Chrome die cast tuning pegs keeps ukeleles in tune! It is as simple as tightening a screw. The digital tuner is easy to tune and play. It stays in tune longer than normal out of the box and offers a bright and distinctive tone whether you solo, play along with singing, or jam with friends
★ Complete Concert Ukulele Set – Everything you need for a ukele kit Comes with: 1x Ranch UK-23 Concert uke (Aquila String Installed), 1x 10mm well padded Gig Bag, 1x Digital Tuner with Battery, 1x Extra Set of 4 Aquila Strings, 1x Strap, 1x microfiber Polishing Cloth, 1x step by step 12 online lessons! We’ve prepared everything for a beginner you need!, $69.95, $69.95 - $59.45


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