Primula Avalon Whistling Stovetop Tea Kettle, Food Grade Stainless Steel Wide Mouth, Fast to Boil, Cool Touch Handle, 2.5-Quart, Gunmetal Grey and Wood-Look

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At Primula, we create new items by exploring how people prepare beverages in different cultures and work to understand the experience and ritual behind these preparations. Identifying why people love different and unique beverages is the first step in our creative process, and our products are designed to connect with that emotion. Unlike other kettles made from materials like copper, iron, aluminum, chrome, and ceramic, stainless steel kettles are lightweight by comparison and boast a bright finish and noteworthy durability. Not only is the Primula Avalon Whistling Kettle crafted with high quality stainless steel, but it also features a litany of innovations for comfort and ease of use. It has a whistling spout to notify you when the water has reached a boil, a stay-cool handle that doesn’t overheat like metal handles, easy trigger release, and a removable lid that negates the mess of pouring water in through the spout. To clean, hand wash only. Do not use a dishwasher.
EASY TO USE- This kettle will boil water in no time and features a trigger spout built-in to the cool touch handle, making pouring and serving safe and easy. The wide mouth opening and removable lid makes filling the kettle a breeze. The whistling spout will alert you with a pleasant, loud whistle when water is boiling and ready to use.
EASY TO CLEAN- The wide mouth lid of the kettle makes cleaning a simple task, leaving enough room to easily empty and wipe dry the kettle between uses. It’s that easy!
LARGE CAPACITY- Great for entertaining and serving family and friends, the large capacity is perfect for making multiple cups of coffee or tea.
ERGONOMIC HANDLE- The comfortable cool touch handle is easy to hold and grasp and makes serving safe and easy.
List Price: $42.29

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