Luma Gems Crystal Tree – Amethyst Healing Chakra Tree of Life – Energy & Feng Shui Amethyst Tree – Crystal Decoration – Sourced from Best Local Quality Control Team – 6″ 1.2 lbs (Tree Aventurine)

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The Bonsai Crystal Tree of Life Gemstones
The Healing Tree of Life Gemstone can be used as a Home or Office decor. As a crystal money tree feng shui decor, the gem bonsai tree improves your strength and stability as well as uplifts your Knowledge and Wisdom. The Amethyst stone itself is world renowned as a powerful crystal but transforming it into an Amethyst Gemstone Tree will allow you to always keep it in your environment.
A Gemstone Bonsai Tree is an excellent Chakra Table Decor gift for family and friends. Not just for home but a good luck plants for office could be perfect, with a crystals good luck fortune the receiver will always be pleased with such a money healing and spiritual gift. A bonsai tree gem stone would be the ideal gift for those you wish to offer spiritual healing towards.
7 Chakra Tree
The Amethyst Crystal is a part of the 7 Chakra Crystals. Other popular Crystals include Citrine Gem Tree (can come as Amethyst Citrine Tree), Jade Home Decor, Peridot Stone Raw & Rose Quartz Crystal Tree. However, the Rose Quarts tree or Rose Quartz figure is not considered as powerful as the Amethyst Bonsai Tree of life orb in terms of healing power. An Amethyst Crystal Tree Feng Shui has become more popular over the years especially as a feng shui bedroom decor. People are identifying the healing stone tree’s positive healing crystals tree energy benefits more.
Today, many have identified the power behind the Amethyst Crystal Tree, and although some have tried to create strong benefits of using it (e.g. Amethyst Candle / Amethyst Jewellery), the most powerful way to constantly energise your home or office and create powerful healing is by owning a crystal money tree bonsai with a well sourced and hand-picked Amethyst Crystal surrounding it. A Feng Shui Bonsai Tree is the ideal Chalra decor.
HAND MADE GEMSTONES SELECTED ONE BY ONE – We only work with suppliers that are certified to provide natural gemstones to ensure we produce the best Tree of Life statue. We also have our own local team to inspect on the quality on each of the good fortune crystals!
GAIN WEALTH PROSPERITY & POSITIVE ENERGY – The Amethyst Crystal Tree does not only offer positive Karma and Luck, but it also functions as a spiritual Wealth, Positivity and Prosperity Tree. The Amethyst Crystals for luck and money is an excellent good luck decor that can bring deep tree healing into your home or office!
BRING GOOD LUCK TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT- This Amethyst Tree of Life will introduce true inspiration and wisdom into your life, helping you gain strength and stability from having the crystals tree of life & good luck tree in your environment!
THE MOST BEAUTIFULLY SELECTED HEALING TREE – Not all gemstones are the same! Luma gems only work with certified manufactures to bring you this Tree Statue home decor to enable positive Karma Luck and Prosperity. Your Karma is known to affect your happiness so the healing crystal tree can directly impact your emotional and mental well-being!
RELEIVE THE STRESS AND TENSION OF YOUT DAY – The Chakra Crystals Healing Tree is believed to be extremely beneficial in relieving anxiety, headaches, stress and tension! They are considered to be crystals for home protection and having them surrounding your environment as gemstone trees & healing stones decor will not only provide healing but become YOUR essential good luck gems!
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