Irish Uilleann pipe Half set Seasoned Rosewood Chanter main stocks with drone, Rosewood bellows leather strapped and Bag black velvet sliver fringe

419NqvaSCkL. AC41AC88oWn8L. AC41pdVOLuzdL. AC41hOzWjJnpL. AC, buynow3, A half set is the next stage up from a practice set. As with other forms of bagpipes, uilleann pipes use “drones”, which are most commonly three pipes accompanying the melody of the chanter with a constant background tonic note. The pipes are generally equipped with three drones: the tenor drone, as the highest sounding pipe, which is pitched the same as the lowest note of the chanter; the baritone drone pitched one octave below that; and the bass drone, as the lowest sounding pipe, two octaves below the bottom note of the chanter.
To learn the basics, start by assembling the chanter, main stock with drone switch, along with cane drone each stock attach the Air bellow, and strap the instrument to your waist. To play notes, push air through the bellow and bags to vibrate the internal reed, and move your fingers over the holes to control the pitch. Uilleann pipes are challenging instruments, so practice diligently and have patience!
The drones, volume-wise, give a great balance to the chanter and have a lovely deep sound. As well as this, they’re extremely air-efficient, which really adds to the enjoyment of playing the pipes. The reeds we use for the drones are very high quality, its called Cane drone reeds. The beauty of these reeds is that once they’re set, they require little or no adjustment. They are very air-efficient, stable and sound great.
The chanter has good volume and very musical. It has a great action to play and the notes roll out very well. Great sounding back D and hard D and very good overall tuning throughout the two octaves
The bag is hand made and stitched by master bag craftsmanship to a template which we’ve developed to give the player maximum comfort when playing.
The luxury hand made bellows are fully padded with hand-sewn plush leather cushions on the front and back to ensure comfort and ease of play. The bellows are made from the highest quality components to ensure many years of great playing practice.

Chanter: “D” Note Uilleann Chanter made of Seasoned Rosewood all Stuff
Mounts: imitation Mounts and Chrome Plated Brass Mounts
Finish: Smooth Lacquer Natural color
Air Bag/ Cover: Cowhide Leather Bag, sealed and oiled. Black Velvet with Sliver Fringe, $399.00, $399.00



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