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#OTD in 1171 – Henry II, fearful that Strongbow will grow too powerful in Ireland, lands at Waterford with an army.

The Normans, Norse and Irish all submit to him, except…

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#OTD in 1920 – Peter O’Carroll (actor, Brendan O’Carroll’s grandfather) was shot dead in Manor Street, Dublin.

Actor, Brendan O’Carroll (Mrs Brown’s Boys) is the youngest of…

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#OTD in 1854 – Birth of playwright, novelist, essayist, and poet, Oscar Wilde, in Dublin.

Oscar Wilde was an Irish author, playwright and poet. After…

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📍Benwiskin Mountain, Co Sligo | @reubenfields

Benwiskin Mountain, Co Sligo | @reubenfields By: Stair na hÉireannTitle:…

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#OTD in Irish History | 16 October:

In the Liturgical calendar, today is the Feast Day of…

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#OTD in 1949 – Death of Eoin MacNeill, Irish historian and founder of the Irish Volunteers.

Eoin MacNeill was an Irish scholar, Irish language enthusiast, nationalist…

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#OTD in 1858 – John L. Sullivan nicknamed ‘The Boston Strong Boy’ is born in Roxbury, Massachussetts.

John L. Sullivan was born to Irish immigrants, Michael Sullivan…

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#OTD in 1763 – Birth of United Irish leader, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, at Carton House, Co Kildare.

FitzGerald was one of the leading instigators of the 1798…

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Ireland 1845–52

Thomas Gallagher “The second clause became infamously known as the…

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Irish American Civil War Songs: Loyalty, Identity, and Nationhood Out Now!

Irish American Civil War Songs       After what…

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#OTD in 2001 – The first multiple State funeral is held in honour of ten IRA Volunteers, including Kevin Barry, who were executed for their role in the War of Independence.

More than 80 years after they were buried in the…

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📍 Silvermine Mountains, Co Tipperary | 📸 @lemonlimon

Silvermine Mountains, Co Tipperary | @lemonlimon By: Stair na hÉireannTitle:…

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Fanny Elssler the ballerina depicted on the tattoo of 1st Lt. Elbridge W. Guilford. Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Inked Inmates: The Tattoos of Military Prisoners at Clinton Prison, 1864-1865

Irish in the American Civil War has a long-standing interest…

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#OTD in 1814 – Birth of Irish writer, who was the chief organiser and poet of the Young Ireland movement, Thomas Osborne Davis in Mallow, Co Cork.

Thomas Osborn Davis was born in the town of Mallow,…

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Andersonville Irish Spotlight: Thomas O’Dea, The Clare Emigrant Who Immortalised Andersonville in Art. Part 1- Imagery.

The next series of Andersonville Irish Spotlight posts will share…

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#OTD in 1920 – Tipperary IRA man, Sean Treacy, is killed in a gun battle in Talbot Street, Dublin.

“Come on, he cried, Come show your hand, you have…

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“Through:” The Emigrant Hamiltons of Tyrone. Part 2. “Roughs, Bowery Boys, Dead Rabbits”- The Formation of Kerrigan’s Rangers

This is the second part in a series of articles…

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#OTD in Irish History | 14 October:

1318 – Death of Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick. He…

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📍Kid Island, Co Mayo | 📸 @westerly_skyscapes

Kid Island, Co Mayo | @westerly_skyscapes By: Stair na hÉireannTitle:…

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The Irish – A People Who Love to Give Back

This is the kind of people that live in They are friendly, loving, and Their hearts are big and their spirits are They are the kind of people who love to share their lives with The…

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Ireland – A Beautiful Country

The second largest city in Ireland is Belfast is known as the City of Culture because of its many cultural attractions and Belfast is a very busy city with a population of over 500,000 The city has…

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How To Plan Ahead When Traveling To Ireland

If you are interested in visiting Ireland, you should plan Make sure that you book your tickets early so that you can get the best When you book your tickets, make sure that you check out all of…

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A Brief History of Ireland

Today, Ireland has a population of million, and is divided into 26 Dublin is the capital city, and there are two main political parties: Fine Gael, which supports the government, and Fianna Fail, which opposes There are…

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Irish Dating Show - SNL

Irish Dating Show – SNL

  Adventures In Amsterdam – The Search for Craft Beer…

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Irish Wedding Traditions

Irish Wedding Traditions


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Celtic Woman - SNL

Celtic Woman – SNL


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What Happens When Irish Americans Find Out What Ireland's Really Like

What Happens When Irish Americans Find Out What Ireland’s Really Like

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQOlGHLSUnk Melbourne International Comedy Gala 2019 – Eleanor Tiernan ponders how Irish Americans will react when they find out what Ireland is like these days.

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