Hicarer 2-1/8 Inch (55 mm) Quartz Clock Insert, Zinc-Alloy Metal Case, Arabic Numeral, White Face (Gold)

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2-1/8 Inch (55 mm) quartz clock insert, gold bezel, zinc-alloy metal case, Arabic numeral, white face

Clock insert is designed with Japanese PC 21 clock movement, rubber ring mounting system, Arabic numerals on white face, clear glass lens, and gold colored bezel trim; It fits for many types of glass and crystal clocks.

Simple quartz clock:
The round clock insert is in gold with simple and delicate design; It features a Japanese PC 21 battery with a 2-year lifetime, good for a long-term application.

Clock insert overall diameter: 2-1/8 inch (55 mm)
Mounting diameter: 1.97 inch (50 mm)
Mounting depth: 1/4 inch (6 mm)

Package includes:
1 x Clock insert
Useful rubber gasket accessory: there is a rubber gasket which is useful to securely keep the insert in place
Design: Arabic numerals on white face, clear glass lens, gold colored bezel trim
Long life battery: the quartz clock insert is built-in long life battery which can be applied for about 2 years; Simple and convenient, you don’t need to buy a battery specially
Measurement: overall diameter is 2-1/8 inch (55 mm); Mounting depth: 1/4 inch (6 mm); Fit round hole diameter: 1.97 inch (50 mm), please check the measurement before buying
Application: the Japanese PC 21 clock movement fits for many popular glass and craft clocks, good for craft projects, $10.99, $10.99



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