Hand Selected Abalone Shell, 6 Inches or Larger. Perfect for Holding Incense, Trinkets, and More

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Product Description

Alternative ImaginationAlternative Imagination

Alternative Imagination Abalone Shells

A beautiful addition to home decor, and a functional flame-proof piece for smudging rituals and more!

Each shell has been polished and heat-sealed with a resin in order to protect its beautiful, natural colors. It is still safe to hold hot incense.

Abalone shells are created by nature! Please expect unique variations in color, pattern, and size from the images.

Hand Selected Abalone ShellsHand Selected Abalone Shells

Hand Selected Quality

Each Abalone Shell of Hand Selected Quality has been chosen by a member of our Alternative Imagination team to ensure the best possible quality of the shell.

These shells are near-perfect. They are selected to be as free from chips, holes, black marks, and cracks as possible.

Abalone Shells by Alternative ImaginationAbalone Shells by Alternative Imagination

Some Abalone Info:

Abalone shells are a naturally occurring shell, coming from marine gastropod molluscs. The shell forms in a low spiral, originating from one spot toward the bottom, with respiratory pores (air holes) along the outer edge.

Abalone Shells by Alternative ImaginationAbalone Shells by Alternative Imagination

The Beauty of Abalone

The exterior of the abalone is sturdy, rough calcium carbonate, sometimes with evidence of barnacle friends!

The interior of the abalone is Mother-of-Pearl (nacre) which gives the abalone their pearly, iridescent colors.

These colors range from pink, blue, green, purple, gold, and white; sometimes all in one shell!

Move the shell around in any light and watch the colors change!

Choose from the above options to find the best size abalone for you!

Hand Selected Quality
Pearlescent Interior yet no shell is the same!
Perfect for holding smudge sticks and Palo Santo
Fits perfectly in one of our 6″ Wooden Cobra Stands
List Price: $16.99


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