Guinness Toucan Pint Pouring Steel Spoon | Guinness Official Merchandise

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The Guinness Toucan Pouring Spoon is stainless steal, 4.5″L with Guinness and Harp logo on the handle of the spoon. This product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by people of legal purchase age for alcohol beverages. The GUINNESS Story It all starts with just one man, but it’s not down to a single ‘eureka’ moment. The history of GUINNESS is a stirring tale of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity and effort. It’s over two centuries of sublime brewing craft, a remarkable knack for spreading the word and more than a few leaps of faith. It’s the story of how a unique Irish stout became, with a little magic, one of the World’s best-loved beers.
TRADITIONAL DESIGN | This Guinness Toucan pouring spoon is made from quality stainless steel. Measuring 4.5” in length, the handle of the spoon features the traditional Guinness brand.
PROPER USE | Simply pour the Guinness onto the back of the Guinness spoon to fan out the lighter beverage of your drink to create a dividing line between the liquids. You can also use the spoon to measure the perfect dash of your special ingredient.
MAKE THE PERFECT DRINK | This Guinness pouring spoon is what you need to make the perfect black and tan (Guinness and pale ale), half and half (Guinness and lager), and a black velvet (Guinness and champagne).
GUINNESS OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE | We stand by our products. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials, the best designs, and a passion for life!
THE LEGENDARY BRAND | Guinness strives to celebrate an extraordinary brand. That’s why they make products that will live up to the legend. Guinness has set the highest standards for all their products that not only symbolize style and quality, but a way of life celebrating a little wit and good humor along the way.
List Price: $13.95
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