Exclusively Irish Ceramic Scottish Thistle Shortbread Pan Two Mugs Tea Bag Holder and Breakfast Tea 50 Bags Kitchen Set of 5 Teatime Backing Supplies Housewarming Gift Birthday Present

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The Scottish Thistle Teabag Holder measured at a generous 4 square inches, holds multiple tea bags, and serves as a beautiful display piece when not in use. The 2 Scottish Thistle Mug offers a comfortable 13-fluid ounce capacity, allowing you to savor your favorite teas or beverages in just the right amount.
The Shortbread Cookie Pan, with its convenient 11″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H. and 16 oz, promises perfectly sized and shaped shortbread cookies for your enjoyment. As for the tea, each tin of Scottish Breakfast Tea has 50 tea bags and weighs 1.41 ounces, making it ample for numerous delightful tea sessions.
The design theme that unifies this set is inspired by the captivating Scottish thistle and intricate Celtic knots. The Scottish thistle is not only the national emblem of Scotland but also symbolizes resilience, strength, and pride. Accompanying the thistle, the inclusion of Celtic knots adds an extra touch of mystique and cultural significance to the set, celebrating the eternal nature of life and interconnectedness.
This set is made of meticulously chosen materials that ensure both beauty and durability. The Scottish Thistle Mugs and Teabag Holder are expertly made from premium bone china, renowned for its lustrous appearance and durable nature. The Shortbread Cookie Pan is handcrafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring even baking and delightful treats. The tea bags are thoughtfully packaged in a reusable tin that preserves its freshness and delicious flavors.
The set includes a delightful assortment of carefully crafted items, each designed to enhance your tea-drinking and baking experiences. It comprises a charming Scottish Thistle Teabag Holder, two exquisitely detailed Scottish Thistle Mugs, a practical yet elegant Shortbread Cookie Pan, and a delectable tin of Scottish Breakfast Tea.
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