Anna Lotus Glass Flower Figurine Paperweight, Crystal Flower Desktop Decoration Statue Paperweight Five-color Flower High-End Office Decoration

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Phalaenopsis is named after its plant resembling a dancing butterfly. It is very popular among flower fans and is known as the “Queen of Cattleya”. The stem of the Phalaenopsis is black, the leaves are spoon-shaped, aquamarine, and beautiful flowers emerge from the spoon, wearing purple clothes White Flower Phalaenopsis: Love is pure and friendship is precious. Red Heart Phalaenopsis: Fortune is in the hands of forever with one heart. Red Phalaenopsis: a smooth career and happiness. Point Phalaenopsis: Everything goes well, everything comes true. Yellow Phalaenopsis: a prosperous career and a prosperous business. Mini Phalaenopsis: Happy Angels are flourishing. Phalaenopsis: I love you, happiness flies to you. Phalaenopsis corresponds to the constellation: Aquarius & Sagittarius, representing loyalty, wisdom, reason, and virtue.
Material: high quality K9 crystal glass
Size (approximately): Height: 4.7 inches / 120 mm; Width: 1.5 inches / 40 mm; NW252g
Gorgeous and unique collection. Comes with exquisite gifts, Buy one get one free exquisite bear (NW10g)
Crystal glass Phalaenopsis, with richer colors and more delicate details, giving you warmth
It can also be used as an excellent gift for Christmas, birthday, Easter, flower lovers and crystal collectors.
List Price: $18.99


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