what is the patricks confession 3

What Is The Patrick’s Confession?

Delve into the intriguing tale of “What Is The Patrick’s Confession?” Uncover the truth behind Patrick’s confession and be captivated by a story of suspense, forgiveness, and the complexities of the human soul. Discover the secrets hidden within Patrick’s heart and mind in this captivating journey.

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how did the irish language evolve over time 3

How Did The Irish Language Evolve Over Time?

Discover the captivating journey of the Irish language’s evolution over time. From ancient roots to modern usage, explore its rich linguistic history and the influences that have shaped it. Journey through the ages in this fascinating article.

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can you name some of the key locations in dublin that were involved in the rebellion 3

Can You Name Some Of The Key Locations In Dublin That Were Involved In The Rebellion?

Discover the key locations in Dublin involved in the rebellion! From the iconic General Post Office to Trinity College, explore the historical significance of each place and its role in the uprising. Join us on a journey through Dublin’s rich history.

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who were notable irish writers and poets 3

Who Were Notable Irish Writers And Poets?

Discover the remarkable lives and works of notable Irish writers and poets who have shaped literary history. From Joyce to Yeats, delve into their captivating stories and profound verses.

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xifan premium nylon ireland irish flag review

XIFAN Premium Nylon Ireland Irish Flag Review

Discover the XIFAN Premium Nylon Ireland Irish Flag, a durable and majestic representation of Irish pride. Made with 210D nylon, sewn stripes, and brass grommets, this flag guarantees strength and longevity. Display your love for Ireland with confidence!

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what is the history of irish literature 3

What Is The History Of Irish Literature?

Learn about the vibrant history of Irish literature, from ancient sagas to modern works. Explore its evolution and profound impact on the world.

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how did saint patrick spread christianity in ireland 3

How Did Saint Patrick Spread Christianity In Ireland?

Discover the remarkable legacy of Saint Patrick and how he spread Christianity in Ireland. Unravel the captivating methods and influence of this revered saint in a pivotal moment in Irish history.

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where exactly did the easter rebellion take place in ireland 3

Where Exactly Did The Easter Rebellion Take Place In Ireland?

Discover the precise locations where the Easter Rebellion unfolded in Ireland. From Dublin’s General Post Office to Enniscorthy and more, explore the heart of Ireland’s struggle for independence.

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how did ireland remain neutral during world war ii 3

How Did Ireland Remain Neutral During World War II?

Discover the factors that allowed Ireland to remain neutral during World War II. Explore the geopolitical, economic, historical, and cultural influences that shaped Ireland’s decision.

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dmse ireland irish bratach na heireann flag review

DMSE Ireland Irish Bratach na hÉireann Flag Review

DMSE Ireland Irish Bratach na hÉireann Flag – A durable, fade-resistant flag with vibrant colors and strong stitching. Proudly display your Irish spirit!

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were there any international influences or inspirations behind the rebellion 3

Were There Any International Influences Or Inspirations Behind The Rebellion?

Discover the international influences behind the rebellion. Explore the impact of British colonialism, revolutions, political ideas, and support from international figures in this historic event.

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what role did ireland play in world war i 3

What Role Did Ireland Play In World War I?

Discover Ireland’s intriguing role in World War I, from recruitment to the Easter Rising. Uncover the untold story of Ireland’s participation and its lasting consequences.

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what is the legend of saint patrick driving out the snakes 3

What Is The Legend Of Saint Patrick Driving Out The Snakes?

Discover the captivating legend of Saint Patrick driving out the snakes in Ireland. Unravel its history, origins, and symbolic meaning in this intriguing post.

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how has the celtic tiger affected irelands history 3

How Has The Celtic Tiger Affected Ireland’s History?

Discover how the Celtic Tiger shaped Ireland’s history, from economic growth to social changes. Explore its impact on GDP, business, society, and culture.

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us flag factory 12x18 inch ireland irish flag sewn stripes outdoor solarmax nylon made in america premium quality review

US Flag Factory – 12×18 Inch Ireland Irish Flag (Sewn Stripes) Outdoor SolarMax Nylon – Made in America – Premium Quality Review

Shop the US Flag Factory’s 12×18 Inch Ireland Irish Flag for durable, premium quality. Made in America with sewn stripes, this flag showcases your Irish heritage with vibrant colors.

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what was the role of key figures like patrick pearse and james connolly in organizing the rebellion 3

What Was The Role Of Key Figures Like Patrick Pearse And James Connolly In Organizing The Rebellion?

Discover the pivotal role of figures like Patrick Pearse and James Connolly in organizing the rebellion. Explore their contributions and leadership that shaped Irish history.

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did saint patrick really banish snakes from ireland 3

Did Saint Patrick Really Banish Snakes From Ireland?

Discover the truth behind the legend of Saint Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland. Explore historical and scientific evidence and the cultural significance of the story.

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what was the good friday agreement 3

What Was The Good Friday Agreement?

Unlock the history of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, its impact on peace and reconciliation, and the key provisions that brought an end to “The Troubles.” Discover its transformative legacy.

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can you explain the troubles in northern ireland 3

Can You Explain The Troubles In Northern Ireland?

Discover the complexities of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, a decades-long conflict. Unravel the roots and lasting impact of this divisive era.

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guinness lapel pin review

Guinness Lapel Pin Review

Get ready to make a bold statement with the mesmerizing Guinness Label Enamel Lapel Pin. Crafted with precision and elegance, this accessory is a must-have for any Guinness enthusiast or collector. Add sophistication to your style today!

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what is the significance of the shamrock in saint patricks story 3

What Is The Significance Of The Shamrock In Saint Patrick’s Story?

Discover the fascinating significance of the shamrock in Saint Patrick’s story, from its connection to the Holy Trinity to its role in Irish culture.

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how did ireland become a republic 3

How Did Ireland Become A Republic?

Discover the journey of Ireland’s transition from a British colony to an independent republic. Explore the key events and battles that shaped its destiny as a sovereign nation.

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how did the outbreak of world war i impact the political landscape in ireland and contribute to the rebellion 3

How Did The Outbreak Of World War I Impact The Political Landscape In Ireland And Contribute To The Rebellion?

Discover how the outbreak of World War I impacted Ireland’s political landscape, leading to rebellion and shaping the fight for independence.

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what was the irish civil war 3

What Was The Irish Civil War?

Discover the captivating tale behind the Irish Civil War, a fierce conflict that divided the Irish after their struggle for independence. Learn more here.

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st patricks day ball ornaments review

St. Patrick’s Day Ball Ornaments Review

Deck the halls this St. Patrick’s Day with our trendy St. Patrick’s Day Ball Ornaments! Perfect for adorning your home and creating a festive atmosphere.

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is saint patrick a patron saint of any country 3

Is Saint Patrick A Patron Saint Of Any Country?

Discover the intriguing ties Saint Patrick has to countries around the world and explore if he is a patron saint of any country.

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what was the relationship between the irish republican brotherhood and the easter rebellion 3

What Was The Relationship Between The Irish Republican Brotherhood And The Easter Rebellion?

Discover the hidden motivations, covert meetings, and pivotal role of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in the Easter Rebellion. Dive into this captivating era with us and understand how it forever changed Irish history.

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what is the anglo irish treaty of 1921 3

What Is The Anglo-Irish Treaty Of 1921?

Unlock the intriguing story behind the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921. Delve into its significance, provisions, controversies, and lasting impact on Irish history.

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how did ireland gain independence from the uk 3

How Did Ireland Gain Independence From The UK?

Explore the remarkable journey of Ireland’s independence from the UK. Uncover the key factors and events that shaped this monumental moment in Irish history. Discover the resilience and determination of a nation. Embark on this fascinating journey now!

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frf flag irish shamrock flag 12x18 inch review

FRF FLAG Irish Shamrock Flag 12×18 Inch Review

Looking to show off your Irish pride in a unique and patriotic way? Get the FRF FLAG Irish Shamrock Flag! Made of high-quality nylon, it’s durable and fade-resistant. Hang it anywhere and proudly display your love for Ireland. Buy now!

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were economic factors a significant factor in the rebellion 3

Were Economic Factors A Significant Factor In The Rebellion?

Discover the significance of economic factors in the rebellion. Explore the economic landscape, disparities, and their impact on the motivations and causes behind this pivotal historical event.

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how did saint patrick become a saint 3

How Did Saint Patrick Become A Saint?

Discover the extraordinary journey of Saint Patrick, from captive to revered saint. Explore the events that led to his canonization and his lasting impact on Ireland and the world.

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who were the key figures in the easter rising 3

Who Were The Key Figures In The Easter Rising?

Learn about the key figures who shaped the Easter Rising, a pivotal moment in Irish history. Discover their motivations, actions, and legacies.

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what was the easter rising of 1916 3

What Was The Easter Rising Of 1916?

Discover the roots and impact of the Easter Rising of 1916, a pivotal moment in Irish history that ignited the fight for independence. Explore the key players and dramatic events that unfolded in this informative post.

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what was the great famine and its impact 3

What Was The Great Famine And Its Impact?

What was the Great Famine and its impact? Explore the causes, immediate effects, long-term consequences, and the social, economic, and religious impacts of this devastating period in history.

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where was saint patrick born 3

Where Was Saint Patrick Born?

Uncover the mystery of Saint Patrick’s birthplace and explore various theories. Dive into his early life, historical context, and lasting legacy.

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how did the rise of militant nationalism influence the rebellions planning and execution 3

How Did The Rise Of Militant Nationalism Influence The Rebellion’s Planning And Execution?

Uncover the powerful influence of militant nationalism on rebellion planning and execution. Explore its impact on secret societies, propaganda, and more.

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small mini irish flags bunting banner review

Small Mini Irish Flags Bunting Banner Review

Looking to add a festive touch to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Look no further than the Ireland String Flag Pennant Banner! With its 33 feet length and 30 small mini Irish flags, this banner i…

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anley fly breeze flag review

ANLEY Fly Breeze Flag Review

Get ready to show off your Irish pride with the ANLEY Fly Breeze 3×5 Foot Ireland Shamrock Flag! Fade-proof, durable, and lightweight, this flag is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Hang it easily using the brass grommets and let your Irish pride fly high!

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lebei ireland irish stick flag small mini handheld 4x6 inch flags 12 pack review

Lebei Ireland Irish Stick Flag Small Mini Handheld 4×6 Inch Flags 12 Pack Review

Celebrate your Irish heritage with the Lebei Ireland Irish Stick Flag. Durable, vibrant, and versatile, these handheld flags are perfect for parades, parties, and decorations. Get yours now!

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topflags ireland flag review

TOPFLAGS Ireland Flag Review

Get ready to show off your Irish pride with the TOPFLAGS Ireland Flag! This 4X6 outdoor flag is designed with sewn stripes for extra durability and features vibrant colors that won’t fade, no matter the weather conditions.

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2 pieces st patricks day banner decorations green irish gnome welcome banners irish shamrock gnomes porch signs for st p 4

2 Pieces St. Patrick’s Day Banner Decorations Green Irish Gnome Welcome Banners Irish Shamrock Gnomes Porch Signs for St. Patrick’s Day Party Home Decorations Party Supplies(Welcome) review

Add a festive touch to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the 2 Pieces St. Patrick’s Day Banner Decorations. The vibrant green Irish gnome and shamrock designs create a whimsical and inviting atmosphere. Enhance your party or home decor with these high-quality banners. Get yours now!

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flagpark ireland flag 4x6 ft irish republic flag heavy duty irish flags review

FLAGPARK Ireland Flag 4×6 FT Irish Republic Flag Heavy Duty Irish Flags Review

Capture the spirit of Ireland with the FLAGPARK Ireland Flag 4×6 FT. Show your support for Ireland with this durable and easy-to-install flag.

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primitives by kathy box may your troubles be less your blessings be more home decor sign review

Primitives by Kathy Box May Your Troubles Be Less Your Blessings Be More Home Décor Sign Review

Looking to bring warmth and positivity into your home? Read our review of the Primitives by Kathy Box May Your Troubles Be Less Your Blessings Be More Home Décor Sign. Find out why this charming sign is a must-have for any space.

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g128 ireland irish flag review

G128 Ireland Irish Flag Review

Get the G128 Ireland Irish Flag on Amazon. Made from durable 150D polyester, with vibrant colors and easy installation. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Show your Irish pride today!

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az flag irfu ireland rugby flag 3 x 5 review

AZ FLAG IRFU Ireland Rugby Flag 3′ x 5′ Review

Get ready to support the Irish Rugby Football team with the durable and eye-catching AZ FLAG IRFU Ireland Rugby Flag! Perfectly designed for poles, this 3×5 ft flag is made with high-quality materials and weather-resistant. Grab yours today!

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3000pcs green confetti glitter st patricks day lucky clover shamrock cutouts glitter irish table scatters for st patrick 3

3000Pcs Green Confetti Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Clover Shamrock Cutouts Glitter Irish Table Scatters for St. Patrick’s Decorations (Green) Review

Experience the luck of the Irish with our 3000Pcs Green Confetti Glitter Shamrock Cutouts. Add festivity and charm to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Durable, reusable, and perfect for decorating tables, frames, and more. Create a festive atmosphere filled with good luck and fortune.

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glitter shamrock garland banner burlap review

Glitter Shamrock Garland Banner Burlap Review

Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with our Glitter Shamrock Garland Banner Burlap! Made from high-quality burlap and adorned with shimmering glitter shamrocks, this festive garland adds a touch of whimsy to your celebrations.

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gypsy color chandelier review

Gypsy Color Chandelier Review

Elevate your space with the elegant and versatile Gypsy Color Chandelier. Made with high-quality crystals, it adds sophistication to any room. Easy to install, this lightweight chandelier comes with a 1-year warranty. Upgrade your space today!

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what role did cultural and nationalist movements play in the lead up to the rebellion 3

What Role Did Cultural And Nationalist Movements Play In The Lead-up To The Rebellion?

Discover the pivotal role of cultural and nationalist movements in the lead-up to the rebellion. Explore their transformative power and impact in shaping a nation’s destiny.

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why is saint patricks day celebrated 3

Why Is Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrated?

Discover the rich history and cultural significance behind Saint Patrick’s Day. Uncover the origins, traditions, and customs of this beloved holiday.

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what was the act of union 1800 3

What Was The Act Of Union 1800?

Learn about the Act of Union 1800, the merging of Great Britain and Ireland into the United Kingdom. Explore its impact on governance, politics, and culture.

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newperlite ireland irish shamrock stick flag small mini hand held flags review

Newperlite Ireland Irish Shamrock Stick Flag Small Mini Hand Held Flags Review

Get your Newperlite Ireland Irish Shamrock Stick Flag today and proudly display your Irish heritage. Durable, elegant, and portable, this pack of 12 flags is perfect for celebrations.

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binsuns st patricks day gnomes plush review

BINSUNS St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes Plush Review

Add a touch of luck and whimsy to your St. Patrick’s Day with BINSUNS St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes Plush. These adorable and high-quality gnomes are the perfect addition to your festive decorations. Bring Irish magic into your home today!

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amzflag ireland flag 3x5 feet outdoor use review

AMZFLAG Ireland Flag 3×5 Feet Outdoor Use Review

Get the AMZFLAG Ireland Flag 3×5 feet for outdoor use. Made with high-quality materials, it’s durable and elegant. Perfect for Irish friends and relatives.

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how did oliver cromwell affect ireland 3

How Did Oliver Cromwell Affect Ireland?

Discover the profound impact of Oliver Cromwell on Ireland. Explore his brutal campaign, lasting consequences, and the legacy of this turbulent period in Irish history.

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2pack adjustable newsboy hats for men flat cap mens irish cabbie gatsby tweed ivy review

2Pack Adjustable Newsboy Hats for Men Flat Cap Mens Irish Cabbie Gatsby Tweed Ivy Review

Elevate your style game with the 2Pack Adjustable Newsboy Hats. Crafted with premium tweed fabric, these caps offer a perfect fit and timeless charm. Protect your skin with UV protection and make a fashionable statement. Shop now!

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what was the irish rebellion of 1641 3

What Was The Irish Rebellion Of 1641?

Discover the causes, events, and aftermath of the Irish Rebellion of 1641, a pivotal moment in Irish history. Learn about the religious and political tensions that fueled the uprising and its impact on Irish-British relations.

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can you explain the tudor conquest of ireland 3

Can You Explain The Tudor Conquest Of Ireland?

Uncover the complexities of the Tudor conquest of Ireland. Explore the historical events, motives, and outcomes that shaped Irish and English history. Join us on this informative journey today!

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dss kilt hybrid black and irish green utility kilt for men review

DSS Kilt-Hybrid Black and Irish Green Utility Kilt for Men Review

Discover the impressive DSS Kilt-Hybrid Utility Kilt! This stylish black and Irish green kilt features practical pockets and durable construction. Rock your Scottish heritage in style.

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skeleteen irish plaid green kilt review

Skeleteen Irish Plaid Green Kilt Review

Get ready to turn heads with the Skeleteen Irish Plaid Green Kilt! This vibrant and stylish kilt is perfect for men and women, adding elegance and authenticity to any outfit. Embrace your inner Celt and make a statement!

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aar mens kilt scottish tartan kilt 13oz highland casual kilt review

AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt 13oz Highland Casual Kilt Review

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with the AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt. Made from high-quality 13oz fabric, this versatile and fashionable kilt is suitable for any occasion. Choose from 11 different tartans and make a timeless statement.

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wonderful fashion mens classic herringbone tweed wool blend newsboy ivy hat largex large charcoal review

Wonderful Fashion Men’s Classic Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Newsboy Ivy Hat (Large/X-Large, Charcoal) Review

Stay warm and stylish with our Wonderful Fashion Men’s Classic Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Newsboy Ivy Hat (Large/X-Large, Charcoal). Perfect for outdoor adventures or sporting events. Adds elegance to any outfit. Shop now!

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what is saint patricks day 3

What Is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Discover the origins, history, and cultural significance of Saint Patrick’s Day. Learn about the symbols, traditions, and delicious food associated with this festive holiday.

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what were the plantations of ireland 3

What Were The Plantations Of Ireland?

Discover the historical significance and impact of the Plantations of Ireland. Learn about the displacement of the native population and lasting effects.

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how did the norman invasion impact ireland 3

How Did The Norman Invasion Impact Ireland?

Discover the profound impact of the Norman invasion on Ireland. Explore changes in politics, society, culture, and more. Uncover their lasting legacies.

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what was the significance of the high kings of ireland 7

What Was The Significance Of The High Kings Of Ireland?

Discover the significance of the High Kings of Ireland throughout history. Explore their political power, cultural influence, and lasting legacy.

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what were the main reasons that led to the irish easter rebellion of 1916 3

What Were The Main Reasons That Led To The Irish Easter Rebellion Of 1916?

Discover the main motivations behind the Irish Easter Rebellion of 1916. From political tensions to cultural identity, unravel the reasons that shaped this historic event.

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when did saint patrick live 3

When Did Saint Patrick Live?

Delve into the enigmatic life of Saint Patrick as we explore the various theories and historical evidence that illuminate the era during which this iconic figure graced the Emerald Isle with his presence.

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were there any specific events or incidents that triggered the rebellion 3

Were There Any Specific Events Or Incidents That Triggered The Rebellion?

Uncover the specific events and factors that ignited a rebellion in this captivating article. Explore social injustice, economic exploitation, oppressive policies, and the spark that led to widespread protests. Discover the emergence of leaders, the tipping point, and the long-term effects of this pivotal moment in history.

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how did the history of british rule in ireland contribute to the rebellion 3

How Did The History Of British Rule In Ireland Contribute To The Rebellion?

Discover how the history of British rule in Ireland ignited rebellion. Learn about the impact of colonization, religious conflicts, economic exploitation, and the fight for independence. Uncover untold stories and the lasting effects on both nations.

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who was saint patrick 3

Who Was Saint Patrick?

Discover the truth about Saint Patrick’s life and legacy. From his captivity in Ireland to his role in spreading Christianity, journey with us to uncover his story of faith, courage, and cultural transformation.

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anjor ireland flag 3x5fts irish national flag review

ANJOR Ireland Flag 3x5Fts Irish National Flag Review

Looking for a top-quality Irish flag? Read our ANJOR Ireland Flag 3x5Fts Review. It’s durable, vibrant, and perfect for proudly showcasing your Irish heritage!

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what was the significance of the high kings of ireland 3

What Was The Significance Of The High Kings Of Ireland?

Uncover the profound significance of the High Kings of Ireland. Explore their role in unifying clans, their divine connection, and cultural impact.

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who was st patrick and what did he do 3

Who Was St. Patrick And What Did He Do?

Discover the life and impact of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. From his kidnapping to missionary work, unravel the story behind this influential figure.

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how did christianity spread in ancient ireland 3

How Did Christianity Spread In Ancient Ireland?

Discover the captivating story of how Christianity took hold in ancient Ireland. Explore its origins, key figures, and the enduring impact on Irish history.

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what were the viking invasions of ireland 1

What Were The Viking Invasions Of Ireland?

Discover the captivating world of Viking invasions of Ireland, from their arrival to their lasting impact on politics, trade, and culture. Unravel the story behind these historical events.

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how did celtic tribes influence irelands history 3

How Did Celtic Tribes Influence Ireland’s History?

Discover how Celtic tribes had a profound influence on Ireland’s history. Explore their culture, language, politics, religion, art, technology, and more.

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when did humans first inhabit ireland 3

When Did Humans First Inhabit Ireland?

Uncover the ancient origins of Ireland’s human inhabitants as we delve into the captivating timeline of their settlement. Find out when humans first inhabited this extraordinary island.

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what is the history of ireland 3

What Is The History Of Ireland?

Unravel the captivating history of Ireland, from ancient tribes to Viking invasions and British colonization. Explore tales of kings, warriors, saints, and scholars that define this remarkable nation. Join us on a journey through time.

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the quiet man hd.original

#OTD in 1964 – Death of novelist Maurice Walsh, author of the original story of The Quiet Man.

Maurice Walsh was born in Ballydonoghue, near Listowel, Co Kerry,…

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#OTD in 1366 – The Statutes of Kilkenny are passed in an attempt to prevent Norman settlers becoming ‘more Irish than the Irish themselves’.

The Anglo-Irish parliament met in Kilkenny and produced a body…

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#OTD in 1978 – La Mon Restaurant Bombing | Twelve people, all Protestant civilians, were killed and 23 seriously injured when an incendiary bomb exploded at the restaurant of the La Mon House Hotel, Gransha, near Belfast.

The La Mon restaurant bombing was an incendiary bomb attack…

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20934700 1236462429832312 5651919125478300825 o

#OTD in Irish History | 18 February:

In the Liturgical calendar, today is the Feast Day of…

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76975396 2524820307632415 5377027213226934272 n 5

📍Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry 📸 @lemonlimod

Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry @lemonlimod By: Stair na hÉireannTitle: 📍Dingle…

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81v4XH3YHlL. RI

#OTD in 2002 – The film ‘Bloody Sunday’, directed and written by Paul Greengrass, won the coveted Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Ten international judges praised the British-Irish co-production, which drew cheers…

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hqdefault 108

The High Kings – Parting Glass

By: The High KingsTitle: The High Kings – Parting GlassSourced…

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slaneco meath dc3a1ibhc3ad gibney photography

#OTD in Irish History | 17 February:

In the Liturgical Calendar today is the Feast Day of…

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#OTD in 1980 – The Derrynaflan Chalice and other ancient silver and bronze pre-Christian antiquities are discovered in Co Tipperary.

The Derrynaflan Chalice is part of a hoard of altar vessels…

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1920px Tain Mural Bulls

Táin Bó Cúailgne Mosaic | Dublin

Along Dublin’s Nassau Street there is a mosaic mural, created…

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76975396 2524820307632415 5377027213226934272 n 4

📍Windy Gap, Co Down 📸 @monika.prorokova.photography

Windy Gap, Co Down @monika.prorokova.photography By: Stair na hÉireannTitle: 📍Windy…

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hqdefault 98

The High Kings – Step It Out Mary

By: PeteTitle: The High Kings – Step It Out MarySourced…

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44827964 1874102142659042 2061268694998188032 o

#OTD in Irish History | 16 February:

1768 – The Octennial Act limits Irish parliaments’ life to…

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76975396 2524820307632415 5377027213226934272 n 3

📍Benbulben, Co Sligo 📸 @scenic_pics_ireland

Benbulben, Co Sligo @scenic_pics_ireland By: Stair na hÉireannTitle: 📍Benbulben, Co…

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Kinnitty Pyramid | Birr, Co Offaly

Kinnitty Pyramid was built between 1830 and 1834 at the…

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76975396 2524820307632415 5377027213226934272 n 2

📍Burtonport, Co Donegal 📸 @conorcorbett

Burtonport, Co Donegal @conorcorbett By: Stair na hÉireannTitle: 📍Burtonport, Co…

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hqdefault 73

The Galway Girl – The Kilkennys + Lyrics

By: emma767Title: The Galway Girl – The Kilkennys + LyricsSourced…

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statue of john mitchel in newry northern ireland 1

#OTD in 1848 – John Mitchel publishes first United Irishmen.

John Mitchel was one of the great propagandists of his…

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#OTD in 1976 – Frank Stagg, a member of the IRA, died after 61 days on hunger strike in Wakefield Prison, Yorkshire, England.

‘We are the risen people, this time we must not…

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